Hey Pretty Laaaady - and my upholsterer is total horseshit

Two Saturdays in a row I schlepped down to North Park to pick up my coffee table (an upholstered coffee table, you ask? well, don't because that's another story) and both times Oscar blew me off, so the third time when I was waiting outside his shop in what I can now call a pretty shitty neighborhood since it's no longer my neighborhood, I had to put my foot down and insist he drag his sorry, hung-over ass to the shop and give me my goods! Not that I minded the wait - I had a very nice conversation with a homeless man - at least I think it was a conversation. Anyway, we were both talking. So as he (Oscar, not the homeless man) was watching me struggle as I shoved the table into the trunk of my car, I mentioned that I had a chair in need of a slipcover. He offered to hook me up with access to the design center (San Diego has a design center? who knew?) to pick out fabric, but he couldn't resist getting a dig in. "You gonna leave the chair with me for a month?" Hello Oscar, that is total horseshit! I drove down to La Tienda Oscar two weeks in a row!

On the upside, Oscar's is just a cross the street from the Pretty Lady Salon which makes me very, very happy. I took a picture of it to text to my niece Emma, but then I forgot about it and never did. The sign used to have shiny gold garland stapled around it which was even better, but just the sign and no garland is pretty fabulous.