Elle Decor. I subscribe for the articles. Really.

Photo: Simon Upton for Elle Decor

With online magazines like Lonny offering so much free decorating porn, my expectations of traditional print publications are changing. I still want the tactile experience of curling up on the sofa with paper pages, but I want to be awed. That's why it was great to see Elle Decor deliver such an inspirational, focused issue this month.

The issue was both world-class and a truly fresh take, just as the cover promised, filled with amazing international design. The featured homes were all very aspirational-- most of us don't live like this--yet there was so much that could be interpreted in our own homes. And there were pages and pages of it--truly immersive, just like the online pubs.

Sid Bergamin's Trancosa, Brazil, vacation home, shown on the cover, was stunning--casual and relaxed. It felt very ethnic with all it's Suzani-draped chairs, and yet with its navy and white stripes, somewhat American and preppy. I love how he pulled two Barcelona stools up to the sofa without using the chairs. I dream of vacationing here.

Photo: Simon Upton for Elle Decor via My Favorite and My Best

This room in Nabil Nahas' apartment in Beirut was beautiful. I love the contrast between the ornate Syrian mirror and chest and the more modest crocheted bedcovering. The expanse of white kept the room from being too overwhelming, while the texture of the spread tied it all together.

Photo: Simon Upton for Elle Decor

Antonello Radi's 16th century palazzo in Umbria was a bit harder to relate to, but I did like this room with its Chesterfield sofa and mix of fur and ethnic pillows. I'm sure they were all "very costly, very important and highly sought after," the owner's own words to describe not these but some Umbrian pieces in another room. No dreams of vacationing here. In fact, I feel like I need a shower.

What did you think of Elle Decor's April issue? Are there any other print shelter pubs you're loving or hating this month? What do you think print pubs need to do to retain an audience and set themselves apart from online pubs?

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  1. I saw that room somewhere and commented on it. I loved it.
    I really like the April issue.
    AD is doing well too !