Craig. He can't spell for shit but he sure knows his chairs.

Just who is this Craig and why is he always pimping out his pornstar friend Rod Iron on his List? I don't know the answers to these questions and I don't really care, because I am a chair whore and Craigslist is my crack. Mid century, Hollywood Regency, Chinese Chippendale--if these appear in the title you can be certain they are none-of-the-above, but they will most definitely all be sitting chairs and those are the best kind.

This pair of wing backs looks very Restoration Hardware-y as they are, but they could be re-upholstered in black with white monograms on the back for a Windsor Smith vibe. They would look great at either end of a long dining table. Either way, they are only $300 bucks for the pair, and you do not have to actually go to Resto, which is darker than a Chilean coal mine now that they're embracing brown, nor do you have to sell a kidney to pay for them.

This pair of desk chairs would look great pulled up to a farm table in a vintage-industrial kitchen. Only $150 for the pair.

A pair of fabulous barrel-style side chairs to go with your button-tufted sofa. These could be reupholstered in a a funky retro chenille. $25 each of $50 for the pair.

This little side chair could go anywhere but would look especially nice as a guest chair in your home office. It looks like it's in great condition and worth every penny of the $35 it would set you back.

This pair of channel-tufted side chairs is very granny-chic. Toss an Ikea sheepskin on the seat and a crocheted grannysquare throw over the arm and bask in your Anthropologie glory for the very un-Anthropologie price of $250 for the pair.

I love this one--so elegant. Paint it black and upholster the seats in faux ostrich (or real ostrich depending on how you feel about giant birds that run really fast and do not, I understand, actually stick their heads in the sand). Prediction: ostriches are the new owls. They will be everywhere next spring. These bitches are only $25 each or $50 for the pair. I would get the pair.

Navy is really big right now. This chair would be great with a modern floral throw pillow in it--something with a bit of orange in it. If Lauren lived in California, I'd definitely try to talk her into this. And ONLY $30 FOR THE PAIR!!! That's right, I'm yelling.


Further proof that my nieces are better than yours.

With all due respect to your nieces, who I'm sure are just lovely, my nieces are still better. Monica is an awesome mom. Liza studies the mating habits of fish--and occassionally tries to get them to do it by playing Barry White in the lab and pouring champagne into their tanks. Lauren cares for kids with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Kira works three jobs and goes to college full time. And smiles about it. She did not, however, get her sunny disposition from me. Natalie moved from Bakersfield to New York and blogs about her adventures. Sylvie is on a winning cheerleading team and can dance like nobody's business. Seriously, she has moves--also not inherited from me. Caitlin is contemplating careers is magazine publishing and comedy writing--and she is only seven. Oh, and Emma? When she's not in school working on her double major in fashion design and merchandising, or blogging about fashion, she designs fabric with my name on it that can be printed at Spoonflower and made into pillows. Pillow design? That kind of nonsense I take full credit for! Thanks, Em.


Blue mood.

I have the blues. For real. One thing that I am not blue about--my niece, Lauren, just bought her first home. And I cannot wait to visit her because Lauren inherited her mother's gift for hospitality. And her grandmother's ability to get shit done. And her great grandmother's way of making everyone she meets feel special and loved. But Greensboro is a long way from San Diego so it might be awhile. In the meantime, I am sending her some blue inspiration--beautiful rooms with blue settees--places I imagine us sitting together and visiting in until we can actually sit side-by-side in her very own living room and laugh (because laughing is mostly what you do in Lauren's company).

Photo: Anthropologie

align="center"> Photo: Via Desire to Inspire

Photo: unknown


Employment opportunity for the undead.

Even the dead need to make a living, and apparently, J. Crew is hiring. When I first saw photos of Fall 2011 preview, I was absolutely certain these were mannequins.

Look. This one still needs to have her arms screwed in.