Further proof that my nieces are better than yours.

With all due respect to your nieces, who I'm sure are just lovely, my nieces are still better. Monica is an awesome mom. Liza studies the mating habits of fish--and occassionally tries to get them to do it by playing Barry White in the lab and pouring champagne into their tanks. Lauren cares for kids with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Kira works three jobs and goes to college full time. And smiles about it. She did not, however, get her sunny disposition from me. Natalie moved from Bakersfield to New York and blogs about her adventures. Sylvie is on a winning cheerleading team and can dance like nobody's business. Seriously, she has moves--also not inherited from me. Caitlin is contemplating careers is magazine publishing and comedy writing--and she is only seven. Oh, and Emma? When she's not in school working on her double major in fashion design and merchandising, or blogging about fashion, she designs fabric with my name on it that can be printed at Spoonflower and made into pillows. Pillow design? That kind of nonsense I take full credit for! Thanks, Em.

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  1. yes my pillow-whore-ish-ness does come for you and my momma!