West Elm has a Hitchcock moment.

Since I find real birds kind of creepy and it depresses me when they crap on my windshield, I don't usually go in for bird motifs on my home furnishings. All that changed with a quick trip through West Elm yesterday where they are wildly merchandising their Fall Preview collection, apparently in an effort to get it out before the summer solstice.

While the images online don't really do it justice, I assure you that in person, it's a stunner.

I'll admit the duvet cover has a bit of a "The Birds" vibe. For a second, I thought Tippi Hedren was running around the shop, but it turned out is was just that one high strung sales guy, clutching his binder full of merchandising plans and mumbling frantically into a Walkie Talkie.

Hey, wouldn't it be hilarious if a single silhouette of Alfred Hitchcock was mixed in with all the birds?

Just sayin'.

Check out the West Elm Fall Preview and tell me what you think.


  1. I am also not a fan of bird motifs. Don't see the aesthetic in them, but I agree, these are nice and it would have been a "fun" twist if they did have Hitchcock's head somewhere. That would have been creepy actually.

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