Rattan. It's not just your college roommate's papasan chair.

Photo: Elle Decor

Like everyone who read the April issue of Elle Decor, I fell completely in love with Sid Bergamin's covered patio filled with vintage rattan. The curved back on the sofa and the striped upholstery kill me. They are stunning. For my own patio, I'd like something like this but with black and white ticking and a hot pink coffee table.

Photo: Sunset

The orange cushions on this give it a completely different feel--much funkier and modern.

Photo: House Beautiful

The clean, simple lines, white paint and neutral upholstery make this set feel very traditional.

Photo: Lonny

And the white upholstery on this is completely serene. I love it, but I don't think I could ever exercise this kind of restraint in my own home.

Maine Cottage Furniture does a great job of reinterpreting vintage styles, and it comes in tons of crazy, beautiful paint colors with coordinating upholstery fabrics. Their new site is scheduled to go live on July 1st and I can't wait. In the meantime, they have a great online catalog you can browse through.

Maybe it's because rattan screams beach house and San Diego is a coastal town, but CraigList San Diego has tons of great project pieces--everything from full vintage living room sets to an amazing McGuire mirror and Palecek side chair.

This sofa and matching arm chair are $35o. I'd ask them to throw in the coffee table.

This loveseat and chair have much simpler lines, but for $59, who really cares? $59. I double-checked.

One spectacular side chair to make any home feel like a summer home. This one just sold, but I'm including the pic anyway so you can see what you missed out on.

Four funky dining chairs pulled up to an outdoor table will set you back $125. These are crying out for upholstery in a China Seas print.

A McGuire mirror for $100 and a Palecek side chair, also for for $100 and you have a fabulous entry.

As usual, it's Craigslist for the win.

(Search vintage bamboo, rattan and wicker. There's a ton more where this came from.)


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