Birthdays are good for you. Studies show the more you have, the longer you live.

Monday night when I went to sleep, I made a birthday request of the universe. “Universe, for my birthday, all I ask is that you don’t crap on me tomorrow. Eat some cheese or something, okay?” And you know what? Captain Universe came through! Not only did he stave off the diarrhea attack, but I was overwhelmed with birthday wishes from practically everyone that I love most in the world. And I had dinner at El Callejon. And Kira came up with this little tidbit that I’m still laughing about, “Whenever we go to Marcario’s with Grandma, Conor asks the mariachis to play La Cucaracha.” Because we all know how Grandma loves mariachis!

So thanks for that, Captain U. And thanks everyone for reminding me of just how loved I am. It was the happiest of birthdays!

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