Thank You For Being A Friend...

So once again, the universe has handed me my ass in a bag. Life has not just handed me lemons, but hurled them at the back of my head, knocked me on my knees and squeezed the juice in my eyes. And while I'd like to say I met the challenge with an insouciant wink and a witty comeback, in reality I spazzed out and shouted a great big, metaphoric "well fuck you, too." But here's the thing that's different this time - instead of wondering who I fucked over in a past life to have deserved this crap, I took a good look at my life and realized that it's pretty damn nice. This shit that's in my life right now - it's just a small part of it - it's not my whole life. For every lemon being hurled at my unsuspecting, lumpy head, I must have a dozen friends handing me ice packs and saying "Sorry you got screwed. I've got your back."

So come on, sing it with me...I know you want to...

"Thank you for being a friend... I want to thank you for being a friend...Traveled down the road and back again...your heart is true, you're a pal and a confidant..."

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