Ipso Calypso

I braved the mob scene more familiarly known as Sunday afternoon at Target to pick up cat food, (joke away because I'm down to two and under no circumstances will that qualify me for cat lady status), and noticed that the Calypso merchandise is hitting the shelves. There wasn't much out--I'm not sure if that's because it's a small store or because the night crew that stocks the shelves doesn't understand that to some of us, this stuff is important.

Anyway, I was mostly underwhelmed by what I saw. There was an end cap devoted to plastic dishes that didn't look much different from Target's regular spring line. I did think these throw pillows were rather pretty, and--Anthropologie take note--they had feather inserts so they're actually comfy, as pillows are intended to be.

Have you checked it out yet? What are your faves from the line?

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  1. This time last year, I hit 3 different Tar-zhays on launch day looking for the complete Liberty of London collection. It says something that I wasn't even motivated to leave the house today.

    I'll check it out on a grocery run later this week.