Forget Craig. I'm with Jayson now.

Despite several trips to Chicago for both work and fun, I've never actually made it to Jayson Home and Garden. I've always wanted to go, but there's only so much schlepping around Chicago in search of home furnishing stores one can do before one's coworkers start resentfully calling one P.O.S.H., not after the Spice Girl, but after the tabletop shop on State Street that one may have blown the entire work group's only free afternoon searching for.

So when Jayson anounced a $1,000 shopping spree giveaway, I entered right away, and for the entire month of May, I entertained the irrational fantasy that I would actually win. I completely neglected Craig while I shopped the hell out of the Jayson site, decorating and re-decorating this room and that. You can imagine my disappointment when Jayson announced Lana from Los Angeles as the winner. What about Eileen from Encinitas?

And what would I have done with a $1,000 shopping spree to Jayson Home and Garden? In all honesty, $1,000 isn't much of a spree at Jayson, it's more of a semi-spree or a spree-lette, so my shopping would have begun with the Dev side table and ended with a Kantha throw pillow-- $1,039.81 out the door, including shipping.

And my sofa? My not-so-great-for-making-out but excellent-for-watching-Investigation-Discovery sofa? Well, it's extremely disappointed. It would have rocked the shit out of both table and pillow. It would have been HOT.

Congratulations to Jayson and Lana! I hope you two are very happy together.

(I hope Jayson gambles away the rent money and Lana disinterestedly sleeps with the mobile home park manager to buy them another month of space rental.)


  1. You were robbed!

    (Jayson is pretty damn awesome otherwise.)

  2. I can never start reading without finishing tHe whole post. Your style is just fun and............. mean.