Lust for lights.

I'm pretty sure Rainman installed the light switches in my house. There's a dimmer on every single one. The the hallways, the stairs, the bathrooms--I have mood lighting in all these places. And mood lighting is pretty important when you're in transit. Or taking a dump.

Unfortunately, none of these dimmers are attached to light fixtures, save one lone contractor's flush-mount nipple light in the entry. It's sort of a mediterranean looking, uni-boob kind of thing. Like Tara Reid when she's spent too much time in the tanning booth.

I love this shell chandelier from Jayson Home and Garden, but I'm still pretty miffed with him for stepping out on me with Lana from Los Angeles.

I've was kickin' it with my home girlz Serena and Lily last night and I came across these two beauties. I think they're hot but not tweet-them-pictures-of-my-wiener hot.

My living room is open to the entry and dining area, the breakfast nook is just around the corner, and all these spaces need ceiling-mounted fixtures--sort of a great room siutation. What's the deal, design people? Is all the lighting supposed to relate visually?

(I don't know what so great about great rooms. They're kind of a hassle to decorate. There's been half a mouse under a side chair in mine since last night. I thought if I left it there, Fluffy might finish it off during the night. He did not. Nothing great about that.)

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