Kathy Griffin and a consolation prize

Since Manuel Canovas and I are clearly not destined to be together any time soon, I bought four yards of this vintage seventies upholstery fabric from Thoroughbred Threads on Etsy as a consolation prize. I know it's crazy, but I can't decide if is it's crazy-genius or crazy-weird-and-sad- like-Kathy-Griffin.
So, my question is, if this were your living room...

Would you use this fabric to reupholster this chair? With black piping?

Or perhaps make seat cushions for a couple of these chairs?

Your thoughts, please!


  1. I vote for the seat cushions. Upholster the chair in solid pink! Great pictures!

  2. Honey, I am totally breaking into your house tonight and stealing that pink pouf.

    P.S. I vote reupholster the chair.

    P.P.S. That was an epic comment you left on the Anthro post. Gold Star!

  3. I think use the fabric for the white chair, choose something less flowery for the retro chair